We offer an integrated approach to last-mile-delivery.


Our MOVRs are clean, lean and find their way everywhere. You do not need a drivers license to use them.

RYTLE Digital

Our software ploughs new paths in the optimization of last-mile-delivery and integrates every element of the logistics network.


Our HUBs are decentralized and flexible. They can be placed anywhere and seamlessly connect with our MOVRs, Software and existing logistics networks.

Urbanization is a growing challenge for logisticians and couriers. The Access to customers, inner city logistics and also the legal framework are becoming more complex. Often the delivery process is being thwarted on the last mile.

RYTLE offers a holistic and networked concept including digital transformation for the last mile. In this way it is possible to supply almost emission-free in an intelligent manner.

The basic idea of ​​RYTLE is based on the four pillars ECONOMIC, EFFICIENT, EMPOWERMENT and ECOLOGIC. With this concept RYTLE combines forward-looking technology standards with efficient logistics processes and the requirements of people and the environment.

ECONOMIC – RYTLE is the developer and supplier of the infrastructure. We operate a sustainable cost-avoidance approach and an integrated optimization of the overall system. In this manner cumbersome transport concepts and interface costs can be minimized.

EFFICIENT – The concept behind RYTLE is particularly efficient thanks to a coordinated overall system and the combination of digital technology with efficient logistics processes and the simplicity of implementation.

ECOLOGIC – The idea behind RYTLE is to optimize the logistics process on the last mile in such a way as to reduce the environmental impact caused by constantly growing delivery traffic. RYTLE offers an environmentally friendly solution for city traffic thanks to the use of bicycles.

EMPOWERMENT – RYTLE is an integrative concept for all. Due to the use of classic bicycle technology and latest smartphones, any courier could be working be for RYTLE. The benefit of RYTLE is not only being a delivery service, but it creates a simple merit-making opportunity in the sense of crowdworking.

The concept of RYTLE is displayed by its innovative integrated products. The “MOVR” wheel is much more than a conventional truck. The “MOVR” secures fast and safe movement within the courier network and can even be arranged in a narrow space. In addition, the driver can descend particularly easily through a special frame construction and is protected by a capsule from weather influences. The driver is supported by an integrated starting aid and a strong electric motor. The MOVR is fully loaded yet so narrow that it remains well maneuverable in the inner city area. In various boxes you can transport parcels, packages and other piece goods. In addition to deliveries from e-commerce, goods can be transported quickly and ecologically on the last mile.

In order to optimize and standardize the process, a new BOX with Euro pallets basic measurements was developed. This BOX is being packed by the logistics service provider and represents the link between HUB and MOVR. The MOVR carries this BOX together with the content for delivery. Mobile City HUBs stand directly on the ground with a space requirement of 2 car parking spaces and can be integrated economically and ecologically into the cityscape. Due to the new design, the HUBs designed by RYTLE take optically and virtually less space.

In order to transform the logistics of the last mile into the digital age, a revolutionary telematics infrastructure was created which can be used without great effort by Smartphone App. The MOVR, the BOX and the City-HUB as well as all actors are equipped with sensors and telematics. On request and as an option, the complete transport process is digitally transparent. The focus here is on interactive communication and continuous process optimization between customers and logistics companies. In this way for example, data for delivery are displayed online in real time on the smartphone. The interplay of all information is highly encrypted in the RYTLE cloud. By using a smartphone based technology, crowdworking is fully integrated into the concept. By using the “MOVRs”, a single attendant can connect to the courier network without using any special equipment. This results in new flexible possibilities in the area of ​​goods transport.
The innovative concept is the result of an intensive analysis of the requirements of inner city logistics. Particularly with regard to the increasing environmental pollution and the clogging of inner cities, the RYTLE concept offers innovative solutions for today’s advanced ecological logistics.


Ingo Luebs (Managing Director, RYTLE)

Dr. Arne Kruse (Managing Director, RYTLE)


Amit Kinariwala (Orbitak India)


Tushar Desai (Orbitak Singapore)